Friday, December 29, 2006

Time stopped;
As if trapped in amber:
Immobile; like a little insect.
She looked at me, and smiled.

Then, the music began to play.
It was some orchestra, playing some classical piece, by some great composer or the other.
The music was very faint and coy;
As if not to invade my privacy.
Reduced to barely a whisper, it died out.
She looked at me, and smiled.

I could see the play of light on the wooden walls.
While the fireplace roared.
The pale, silver moonlight tricked in, and merged with the golden glow.
A portrait of an admiral on the wall;
Looking regal and haughty - expecting me to admire him.
I paid no attention.
She looked at me, and smiled.

Our hostess introduced her to me.
A friend, she said, a very close friend.
Our hostess’s voice, usually so nasal and annoying, didn’t seem to bother me.
She looked at me, and smiled.

I looked at her,
And left the room.
I was too afraid to say hello.

By Maurice [otherwise known as The Psycho Guy] and me. You can find his version here.

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