Friday, March 09, 2007

Just wondering

I wonder why, when I put up photographs of people or places I have clicked, the first comment anyone has to make is, who is that in the photograph, where was it taken? Tell me, even if I answered, would you remember as soon as you switched off your computer? Does it really matter?

Instead, why doesn’t anyone ask what the photograph makes me feel? Why I took it? What was the person who modelled for me felt? Why don’t they write what it made them feel? On the play of shadow and light? I mean there’s so much more to my photographs than just the name of the place and person in it.

Let me be rude enough to say as well, that if, after you see a well taken photograph all you can think is who is the person in it, or where was it taken, you don’t think very much now, do you?

It’s okay not to know everything you know.


saptarshi said...

Whose picture is this? :D

rahul said...

what all can be seen in Her EYES....Good Work