Wednesday, January 17, 2007

About yesterday...

Today was fun…completely different from what I expected it to be. All plans haywire.

And I was hungry like the wolf, sweet smelling fruits… A pity we didn’t make it to Oxford. And the art gallery…too late, too late. Some other day beckons for that.

Eleven bucks worth of heaven, synthetic leather for my seats, a pity we didn’t talk to the Green Planet guys. I still feel bad for having to brush them off like that. A bit of a walk, and some talk and a taxi ride for a while. And to a glass shop, and mirrors all around. Oh what fun…mirrors. Sneaky shop keepers, devilish ideas of letting loose a crazy ball in the shop…shattered glass all around. They deserve it.

And off to find an eyehole. Back to the road after. And an argument over hundred bucks. Keep it. Hey bhagwan, I have a card. Plastic money. Still, nothing like cash. *Where’s the money baby?*

And an auto ride home. There’s nothing like an auto ride. It would have been faster to take a taxi. But it’s an experience in an auto and less burden on my conscience when it comes to paying. The cold breeze against me while they race past and try to fit into every nook and corner. And we’re stuck. Some traffic jam. And I’m sure there’s no reason for it to be jammed at all. We wait, and wait. He puts on the blaring radio. I need to be home soon. We wait, we wait. The cars move a bit and we take a detour only get stuck again. The radio’s blaring, and they’re playing loud Hindi songs, from classics to Rang de Basanti.

Something clicks, and I begin to sing, and the traffic doesn’t matter anymore. And I’m happy. It’s a good day. And the cool breeze comes while he maneuvers the auto, and every lane has its own scent and smell. The sights and sounds, and smells and feelings are an experience you can’t get in the cushy comfort of your car. We pass the market and I see this man with such an expression of distinguishment on his face that he could have been a lecturer at Cambridge University. Only that he was sitting on the edge of his rickshaw waiting for the next customer to pull on. I wish I had my camera. There are so many things I’d have liked to capture. And I go on singing.

Another auto ride, and a short walk and I’m home. I meet my old art teacher, an artist. Smiles, smiles. They’re all so sweet and genuine. Unlike many others.

Smiles, smiles.

It’s all good.

A wonderful day.

Nothing especially notable.

But a wonderful day.

Anyway, ho hum.


saptarshi said...

Just a perfect day...*smiles*

Até said...


Ancalagon The Black said...

On a second sudden recollection, Tar is Quenya for high and Lom is echo, no?

High echo? A poetic form of Tinuviel, the nightingale who echoed in the woods of Doriath and stunned Erchamion to silence?

Is that a blog handle or is that your name?

Lúthien Táralóm said...

@ Spatarshi - it wasn't a perfect day, but it was a good day all the same.
@ Piglet - ??
@ Ancalagon the black - Lúthien Táralóm is my name. My blog has been named after me. Earlier I used to keep a pen name Nillotiel [which was the first] and Siliveren which came after. If you go to I think you might find a story by one of them...but then I found my own Elven name. One which I felt I belonged to. Nillotiel was the Elven name given to me at, while I choose Siliveren for myself. It means shimmering evening, or shimmering dusk. However, they've become Lúthien, for I write only by this name now. There's an Elven name generator which gave me this name. I can give you the link if you wish. As for the meaning of Lúthien Táralóm - Taralom is Quenya for Tinuviel, also called Nightingale in the Westron or Common Speech; Luthien is the daughter of Thingol Greycloak and Melian the Maia. She is the most beautiful of all the Eldar ever, and is half Maia and half elf. She married Beren Erchamion and wrested a Simaril from the crown of Morgoth.
What does your name mean?
And can you speak Elven fluently? I had tried to learn a long time ago, but I had to abandon the attempt due to umm...pressing school studies.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Oh, and, Tára means high, or lofty, or tall. While tár means king and tar means beyond.Lom means to hide. Be careful what you say, you might end up saying something and meaning something else altogether.

Ancalagon The Black said...

I am pretty sure that lom means echo in Quenya.

But be careful, most Sindarin verbs and nouns are derived from Quenya so you might say something in Sindarin and mean Quenya.

As for me, well, I do know the history of middle earth... heh... I also do know the meaning of most of the names...

Neo Sindarin writers like myself are of the opinion that most Elvish is open to interpretation so I will not debate with you on that one.

But if you must know. Tar is high/high king (ala Tar Palantir the Far sighted) in Quenya, tara is derived in Sindarin and means high. Most Quenya prefixes have several meanings.

I know most of Quenya, a little bit of Sindarin (still learning)

Visit my blog and scroll down and you might find a couple of interesting pictures which you might approve of.

As for anc, well, there are only 2 references to Ancalagon The Black.

One: The Shadow of the Past, The Fellowship of the Ring

Two: The War of Wrath, The Silmarillion.

Ancalagon The Black was the largest and the most fierce winged dragon ( I have a thing for drakes and vampires if you must know) spawned from the breed of Glaurang.

He was felled in the final battle against Morgoth when Earendil the mariner in his winged ship cast him down upon the Towers of Morgoth.

Anca in quenya means rushing
lagon means jaws.

so ancalagon is rushing jaws.

I guess I eat too much.

but are you saying that Luthien is your given name by your parents? Is so, then thats pretty neat and most unusual.

Ancalagon The Black said...

and I am pretty sure that I would have had better results in school had I not been burning the midnight oil before my exams... :D (poor mum, always thinking that I am studying... heheheh)

Lúthien Táralóm said...

No, unfortunately they're not or, well, have my tastes so much as that... my name is quite different, but look, someone like Saptarshi calls me Luthien. My dad was wondering when he picked the phone once and someone asked for Luthien. But I've decided to give my baby an Elven middle name. Elessar or Ivor. I'm still looking for something I'd like if I had a girl. This all depends if I have kids, or my pets are going to be named with Elven names. :P
So whichever goes.

The problem with Elven is, like you said, it's open to interpretation. I get my translations from this most trustworthy site online. *ahem* Like I said, I don't know much Elven yet...just basic greetings and an insult or two and everything in the movies. By the way, do you have the Extended DVD version? It's beyond excellent.

As for dragons and vampires, well...I have a thing for dragons and vampires too, but nevermind.
However, do scroll down, almost to the end, and you should find something that intrests you.

I've tried reading The Silmarillion, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Maybe it wasn't meant for me yet. Like someone said, you either haven't read it, or you live it, one does not simply read The Silmarillion. But I intend to get back to all of it now. Especially since my new DVD's are here.

Anyway, I like your name, and I shall check your site out...
toodles off...

Ancalagon The Black said...

The Silmarillion is like a history book.

And you have to have read the Lay of Leithan.

That would explain much behind the history of your name.

I do have the extended DVD's of all 3 parts bought the moment they came out, as well as the VCDs as well as all 3 movie posters (my sister gave em to me)


check out the following links:

Both are gifts from my sister:

The map is by far my favorite. Its really really huge... Are you still in school?

Whats your legal name? My name is Shion, for the record though my parents know that my friends call me Uncle Anc.

Ancalagon The Black said...

another link:

the psycho guy said...

My god!
Baba, You reeeeeeely lack, don't you?

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Like you have much better things to do Maurice.
@ Shion - I'm not going to tell you my 'legal' name here. Sorry. That's some really beautiful LOTR stuff you've got by the way. I like it. My parents know about Luthy, and dragon and all those names too. They just don't bother with them really. :P

Ancalagon The Black said...

heh... your legal name is also pretty nice to sound.

mine sounds a bit different no?

talk to you later...