Thursday, January 04, 2007


The brat sits across the table. Slurping loudly with the noodles.

The other brat, older, sits next to him, just as loud as always, sometimes even louder than the other brat.

A chair is pulled out, empty, waiting for someone to occupy it.

I sit opposite, trying to make no noise with the fork and plate, as if I didn’t exist at all.


saptarshi said...

But you DO burp!

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Strangely there was nothing funny. And I don't burp all the time. Like I said, it's still better than farting.

The Rabbit said...

I dont know you, so it's fair that you dont know me. I just bumped into your page. Yeah, and my page doesnt allow comments. I like it that way. Post some pictures. You're good with the camera.

The Rabbit said...

And I can NEVER manage to not make noise with cutlery. Weird, but however much I try, the scraping sound persists. But that wasnt the point of your post, now, was it? :)

the psycho guy said...

I like this post a lot. I think it was very good writing: very lucid, and yet, veiled. But you need to insert a comma after "older" in the third sentence. Um... I dunno, I think this is your best yet, even better than "Memory". Brilliant. Congratulations.

Personally, I've always liked farting better than burping. The noises are more musical.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

@ Rabbit - Well it's alright that we don't know each other, I was just wondering if we did. Thanks for 'bumping' in.
Anyway, I have posted some more snaps, hope you like them.
And, I was trying very hard not to make any noise with the fork while eating the noodles. It was difficult I assure you, especially because i was in a hurry to get away. :)
But no, that wasn't really the point.
@ Maurice - Thanks so much. Finally. But like Pooh says, it just came to me. I've added the comma, thanks for mentioning. Glad you like it so much. *Ha ha* *dances around like a gleeful princess*
Oh, and I agree that farts are more musical then burps, but they're so stinky. It's not good when you have to pass gas often, like me. Burping is more inconspicuous. :D