Thursday, November 09, 2006

I feel the comfortable numbness of my fingers,
As I softly touch the skin on my cold pale cheeks,
Wet recently by warm, salty tears.

I hear you laugh, and you’re happy.
I claw you down
And you cry for the pain I feel.

You suffer for my foolish, irrational ways.
I don’t know how I controlled you
I’ve snatched your laughter away.

With every mistake I surely must be learning,
But I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
And you’re still standing here chained to me.

I don’t know how no one told you for whom to unfold your love.
I don’t know how you were diverted,
You were inverted and no one alerted you.

I look at you now
I see the laughter that is sleeping,
And it’s why I’m still weeping.


Até said...

Hmm ...

(I'm sorry this isn't much of a comment ... I'm just sorting stuff out after reading this particular piece.)

Chaotic. For some reason.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Chaotic?? Really?? It was written for Feanaro.
Do tell me when you sort it out.

feanaro said...

i remember this.
still feel like this(or that,as the case may be)??

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Do you think I do??

*almost says something and then restarins herself from being really mean*

feanaro said...

okay okay,
i was playing. i know you don't, or at least i hope you don't.

and you don't have to restrain yourself.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Well I do restrain myself quite a bit when it comes to you Fëanáro. Stop playing with me will you?? I'm not a Xbox.

guitargeorge said...

While my guitar gently weeps....

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Yes, I was listening to that song while writting this. I guess some of the song got incorporated. :P