Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A little black seed,
Buried itself deep within
The folds of my chest.

Loathsome convention
Has shriveled and festered it
Utterly within.

With stretched black branches
It still grows sinisterly,
Flowering in me.

*21st December ’05, 10:50 pm.


Até said...

AWESOME picture!!!!


Lúthien Táralóm said...

Damn it. Here the poem took me hours to write to get it in perfect form, and there all she appreciates is the picture. What about the poem silly?
Though of course, thanks for appreciating my impeccable choice in pictures. *wink*

Até said...

Brilliant poem. Love the imagery. Real sinister. And damn cool. You go, girl.

*sorry if I sound like a preppy cheerleader*

You're amazing!

feanaro said...

what's the seed??
are you masochistic? do you like imagining horrible, sad, things happen to you??

again, nicely written.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

To Ate,
Thank you. You don't have to forcefully blurt out compliments for me though. Those might have been true, but sound really sarcastic. Anyway, from now on, you can just comment on whatever you like and if you like. By the way, this was done with a little pushing from Psycho. He made sure I perfected it.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

To Fëanáro,
Thank you. It took quite a bit of effort to write this.
Th little black seed is the culmination of all things conventional [I think]. The seed of what I have to live with. It wasn't so great before, it was just a little seed. And then 'loathsome convention' watered it, and it shriveled and festered.
It not about something happening to me or that might happen in the future. It's about something that has already happened to me.
And no, I'm not masochistic. I really wish it never happened at all, but then I might not be who I am today if it hadn't. And well, like Ate says I should, as I wouldn't have written a peom like this otherwise. So whatever it was, it had to happen, and it did happen for the best.
Thank you once again.

Até said...

It wasn't a forced comment. And it was NOT meant to sound sarcastic. I genuinely love what you write. I may have sounded like that (a preppy, teenaged, birdbrained cheerleader) because I was trying my best to get away before my parents came home and kicked my behind.

Ah, yes, Psycho - right, well, whatever. (why does he have something to do with everything?)

Hmm ... one more thing, whatever happens to you shapes who you are and who you will become. And if you love the way you are and know you will be happy with the way you become, then always, always appreciate all things, good or bad, that have helped you with who you are and will be.

Hope that wasn't too weird.

That said, I think this is brilliant. They should've had it on Chalkdust.

Lúthien Táralóm said...

Thanks Ate. Poor thing, Psycho just can't help butting in. I know they should have had it in Chalkdust. If only Fëanáro's - ex wasn't editor.